This Full-Body Workout Will Leave You Drenched In just 15 Minutes

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Photograph by Men’s Health

Burn serious fat in the time it’d take you to get your coffeeno equipment necessary

Need a quick, effective workout for when you’re crunched for time? You’ve come to the right place: In our Busy Burner video series, the country’s top trainers walk you through short workouts that will challenge your body when you can’t spend hours at the gym.

The clock’s ticking, so check out the video above for a 15-minute, full-body workout you can do anywhere — no equipment necessary.

Dogpound founding trainer Rhys Athayde demonstrates all the moves you need for this 15-minute workout in the one-minute video above. It’s like having a personal training session with Athayde wherever you may be.

This workout is unrelenting—you’ll be going from one move to the next with no rests in between. Because you don’t need any equipment, this workout is great to do at home or even your office. (Our Men’s Health Rec Room also serves as a personal gym for our editors from time to time.)

Here’s the workout:

Circuit x3

  • Star Jump: 20 sec
  • Squat into Tuck Jump: 20 sec
  • Mountain Climber: 20 sec

Super Set x1

  • Forearm Plank: 30 sec
  • Forearm Plank Taps: 30 sec

Super Set x3

  • Squat to Lunge: 30 sec
  • Tuck Jump: 30 sec

Super Set x1

  • Side Plank: 30 sec
  • Side Plank with Pulse: 30 sec

Circuit x3

  • Pushup: 20 sec
  • Spiderman Pushup: 20 sec
  • Mountain Climber: 20 sec

Super Set x1

  • Side Plank: 30 sec
  • Side Plank with Pulse: 30 sec

Circuit x3

  • Tuck Jump: 35 reps
  • Burpee with Pushup: 20 reps
  • Jumping Jacks: 10 reps

For the last circuit, run through the tuck jumps, burpees, and jumping jacks until your three minutes are up.

Now grab a timer, and film yourself running through this 15-minute workout. Let us (@menshealthmag) and Athayde (@rjathayde) know how you did by using the hashtag #MHRecRoom on social media.

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