Is The Sedona Vortex Real? I Tested The City’s ‘Rock Energy’ To See If It Really Has Healing Powers

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What Is The Sedona Vortex? Details About The Arizona City's Reported Spiritual Energy And Whether Or Not It's Real

My investigation began with a call from my mom one afternoon:

“Do you want to go to Sedona in November? I need to take some of its healing powers.”

I had no idea what she meant by “healing powers” and didn’t think much of it at the time. But sure, of course I wanted to go to Sedona. Who wouldn’t? Known for its beautiful red rocks and scenic views, Sedona had been one of my bucket list destinations. And so I agreed to go on this spontaneous trip, unaware of its reputation in the spiritual community.

What is an energy vortex?

As the date for our trip approached, I became more curious about my mom’s motives behind the trip. What had she meant by healing powers?

When I asked her, she directed me to a Japanese website where she had read about the Sedona vortexes. According to the website, there are geographical areas in the world called energy vortexes. These energy vortexes are spiritual centers of power that draw energy from the earth’s natural electromagnetic force and are often visited by people from all over the world for their spiritual powers.

The website says there are three different types of power at the Sedona vortexes: magnetic, electric, and balanced, each depending on how Earth’s electromagnetic energies intersect.

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A typical description of Sedona’s vortexes:

According to the website, Sedona itself is one big energy vortex but has power especially concentrated in four areas: Bell Rock, Airport Mesa, Boynton Canyon, and Cathedral Rock.

My mom planned our trip around these four spots, saying that she needed all the power she could get. I was skeptical about the healing powers of these vortexes, but I agreed that we should go. What harm could it do?

My mom — my best friend and my rock — had struggled with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in the past, and is currently struggling with some physical ailments, so I wanted her to do whatever she felt she needed to in order to feel better. I myself struggle with depression, so I figured at the very least, being in nature and being surrounded by beautiful views could only do us good.

I hoped the healing powers of the vortexes were true for my mom’s sake, but I remained skeptical; it just seemed too easy and too good to be true.

The four energy vortexes:

With excitement and skepticism in my heart, we made our way to Sedona. I had a hard time believing in even the existence of the power vortex, but I felt an immediate relief and euphoria as soon as we made it to Sedona. Maybe it was just the relief of getting off a 5-hour plane ride or the excitement of a grand adventure, but I was feeling better already.

Sedona Red Rock Tours says that vortex energy amplifies emotions and everything you are feeling will be intensified: “If you are happy while you are in Sedona, you may become euphoric or blissful. When you experience the sensation of love, you may be ecstatic,” the website says.

Perhaps it was this energy I was feeling. I could tell my mom was already feeling better, too — her excitement was contagious.

We made our way to our first destination: Bell Rock. Bell Rock is known as an Upflow area, or an area that contains electric or masculine energy that is “best for serenity and solving problems from a higher (spiritual) perspective.”

I admit that I didn’t feel any spiritually wiser after spending time there, but I did feel a sereneness, perhaps from being surrounded by nature and the complete quiet and stillness that comes from isolation in nature. My mom asked time and time again if we felt any tingling in our limbs — she had read that we should be able to feel “subtle energy vibrations such as tingling in the hands or buzzing throughout your body.” My mom and I did not, unfortunately, but my sister claimed to have felt something.

Our next destination was Airport Mesa. Airport Mesa is also an Upflow area, or an area that contains electric or masculine energy that “helps your spirit soar for a higher perspective and/or greater oneness and serenity.” This spot gives hikers a 360 view of the town, and many people come here to draw in all the power of Sedona. Here, we watched the sunrise. It was mesmerizing.

Again, I didn’t feel vibrations through my body — I didn’t feel much of anything because it was so cold that morning — but the view did leave me feeling elated, as if my spirit was “soaring.” I even practiced some yoga as we waited for the sunrise, leaving me simultaneously at peace and euphoric.

I could tell that my mom felt the same; she was all smiles. I wondered if there really was some truth to these energy vortexes.

Next, we made our way to Boynton Canyon, which I felt was the most spiritual and my favorite spot. The Boynton Canyon vortex is known as a site of “balanced” energy. This is because at the top of the trail are two rock formations with opposite, balanced energies: the Kachina Woman, containing a feminine energy, and another knoll, containing masculine energy.

Our journey there started out a bit rocky. We had left our hotel later than planned, and our lack of internet connection made it hard to navigate, leaving us all agitated and on edge. We missed multiple turns, leading to a shouting match between my mom and sister.

Just when I was about to suggest turning around, we found our turn. We pulled into the trail’s parking lot, and I already felt instantly better. We found a parking spot relatively easily, and we made our way to the trail.

And just when we were about to make it to the trail, there he was: Robert. I recognized his flute, his white hair, and skin,

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