Daily Deal: Cook the Juiciest Steak of Your Life With This Sous Vide

Daily Deal
Image by Anova Sous Vide

Way cheaper than tuition at Le Cordon Bleu

If well-to-unchewable is how you regularly serve your meat, you may want to consider getting into sous vide. It really is the easiest —and arguably, most delicious —way to elevate your cooking game. And now you can get a deal on the Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker on Amazon. The tool is a Men’s Health favorite and it’s available today for just $119 (it typically retails for $150).

If you’re unfamiliar, sous vide is a traditional French method that involves cooking meat at low temperatures for long periods of time. The result? Mouth-watering, tender awesomeness.

Grill the Ultimate Steak: 

Here’s how the precision cooker works: You seal meat in a plastic bag or tightly-sealed jar, then place it in a pot of water on the countertop or stovetop (the stove will be off). Stick the sous vide cooker inside the pot, choose the time and temperature, and walk away. The cooker, which you can set at temperatures ranging from 71 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit, keeps the water circulating and heats the contents evenly. When the time is up, you pull the meat out, give it a quick sear, and boom, you’re a genius.

The Anova sous vide cooker makes things even more foolproof with its Bluetooth-connected app, which enables you to manage both temp and time from afar.

The app also includes recipes and guided cooking settings. With all that, why kill the cow twice?

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