Suite with wifi and bars, sir? Dutch hotel offers hard cell

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – A beaming Syrian refugee called Monjid welcomes guests to Amsterdam’s newest hotel, offering them hummus and olives before walking them from the bright pink reception area to…

What Happens When You Give Up Sugar And Alcohol For A Month

Photo: weheartit Not eating sugar or ingesting alcohol has wonderful health benefits, but did you know that even the most healthy-sounding products contain an abnormal amount of sugar. So, what happens when you give up sugar and alcohol? One man decided to drop both of these from his diet, in addition to processed foods, and ended up losing eight pounds, and lowering his cholesterol. You may not be able to indulge your sweet tooth, but your body will thank you. Keywords: alcohol, diet, health, detox, sugar, processed foods read more

It’s About Time We Stop Apologizing For Our Imperfect Bodies

Photo: weheartit From the moment young women reach their teens, they suddenly become obsessive over their body image. Society tells us we have to look a certain way, but it’s time that women stop apologizing to themselves and the world and understand that imperfect bodies are beautiful. So when you put on your bathing suit in the summer or wear something that shows skin, embrace the way you look. Keywords: beauty, body image, confidence, self-esteem, body acceptance, body positivity read more

Magritte exhibit opens in Brussels 50 years after his death

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – An exhibition opened at Brussels’ Atomium building on Thursday to honor twin anniversaries of two Belgian icons — the Atomium itself, which turns 60 next year, and Surrealist…

Dear Single Moms: Your Kids Will Be Fine. Love, A Child Of Divorce

Photo: courtesy of the author Will your divorce affect your kids? Well, while being a single mother is one of the hardest jobs out there, some moms may wonder how their kids will turn out. After all, without a male figure in their children’s lives, how can they be successful? But there’s a reason kids of single moms will be fine, and it’s because of you. It’s important to remember that you can do this, single mamas, even when you think you can’t. Keywords: mom, parenthood, parenting, single mom, childrenRead More

Before/After: This Is What Smoking For 30 Years Does To Your Face (WHOA)

While smoking may “look cool” or give you a boost of nicotine to settle your nerves, science can confirm what we already know: it’s not good for your health. And aside from all the awful things it can do internally, what smoking does to your face is even crazier. Whether it’s giving you psoriasis, yellow fingers, scars, or stretch marks, hopefully, you’ll think twice before picking up a pack. Keywords: beauty, health, smoking, smokers read more

Nigerian fashion magazine stirs debate about men in skirts

LAGOS (Reuters) – Nigerians who say a new online fashion magazine promotes homosexuality by featuring men wearing makeup or clad only in miniskirts have misunderstood its agenda, according to its…

Yoko Ono won’t let it be, forces ‘John Lemon’ drink to re-brand

LONDON (Reuters) – It wasn’t exactly instant karma when Beatle John Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, heard about a Polish beverage company’s new drink called “John Lemon”.

Tommy Hilfiger closes out London Fashion Week with ‘rock circus’ show

LONDON (Reuters) – U.S. designer Tommy Hilfiger closed out London Fashion Week with a rock-themed show held at a venue famous for classic rock concerts, featuring model and social media star Gigi…

If Your Guy Does These 16 Things, CONGRATS! He’s A True Gentleman

Photo: weheartit While many men have basic manners, there are those who go above and beyond to make everyone around them comfortable. This is especially true if he’s dating you. If he doesn’t wait to call you, appreciates intelligence, and knows what he values most, these are just a few signs he’s a gentleman and you should snag him before it’s too late. Keywords: gentleman, men, Relationships, real men, gentlemen read more

8 Ways To IMMEDIATELY Stop Anxiety From Sucking The Life Out Of You

Photo: weheartit It can be difficult to function normally when you have anxiety, but that doesn’t mean you need to let this disorder control your life. There are plenty of ways for you to learn how to stop feeling anxious, and it all starts with acknowledging you have a disorder. From exercising, practicing deep breathing, or writing in a journal on a daily basis, you won’t find yourself so isolated. Keywords: anxiety, mental health, stress, anxiety treatment, dealing with anxiety, panic attack read more

Fashion doesn’t need to kill animals: British designer MacDonald

LONDON (Reuters) – British fashion designer Julien MacDonald has apologized for using fur in his past collections – raising a hot topic that returned to rock London Fashion Week.