Are Larissa And Colt From 90-Day Fiancé Still Together? Plus New Details On Her Arrest

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Are Larissa And Colt From 90-Day Fiancé Still Together? Plus, New Details On Her Arrest.

Are Larissa and Colt from 90-Day Fiancé still together? Fan’s of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé are no strangers to relationship drama. The couples on the show usually deliver lots of tears and tension to audiences as they work through cultural differences on their way to the altar. But seldom do fans get to see a total social media meltdown in real time like we saw this weekend from Colt and Larissa. The stars of the current season of the show got into a disagreement that started with a lot of angry Instagramming and ended one of them in jail.

What happened to Colt and Larissa and what does it mean for their relationship? Read on for more.

1. Back Story

Colt is a software engineer who lives in Las Vegas with his mom and a whole bunch of cats, who he sometimes dresses up. The cats, that is. His mom can dress herself. Larissa is from Brazil and claims to have gone to nursing school there. The two of them met online then vacationed together in Cancun where they got engaged after five days. After a few hiccups with visas and flight arrangements, Larissa arrived in the US and immediately started complaining that Colt didn’t bring flowers to the airport. They headed home to Colt’s mom, where Larissa insulted the house, declined to eat the food Colt’s mom cooked, and went to bed with her clothes on as Colt’s mom burst into tears. Colt mainly just sat there and watched.

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2. Social media

Honestly, this couple makes for rather tedious television, since their plot line revolves around a foreign bride-to-be not really getting along with an American mother. Been there, watched that. But the pair both have very active Instagram accounts and fans have enjoyed the stories and photos they have posted since the season started.




Larissa (@larissacristinjon) says she thought Colt was a celebrity when she first met him #90dayfiance #tlc #coltandlarissa

A post shared by Old Page: @90dayfiancetlc (@90dayfiancetea) on Nov 6, 2018 at 10:14am PST

3. Oversharing

Larissa has been on a spree of Ask Me posts in her Instagram stories and has answered a slew of questions about herself and Colt, in both English and Portuguese. She raised a few eyebrows when she posted some photos of Colt and asked her fans if they’d like to follow along while she coaches him to lose weight and she even talked about getting him a tummy tuck.



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