5 Things We Know About the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

Image by Samsung

Details leaked Friday about Samsung’s new smartphones

Let’s face it — for most guys, modern life revolves around your smartphone. An for Android fans, Samsung’s newest iPhone challengers are pretty much top of the line. Today, we got our first real look at what’s up next.

Evan Blass, a noted smartphone leaker, broke the details Friday on VentureBeat. Basically, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are predictable, but still high-powered upgrades to Samsung’s existing Galaxy series. Here’s everything we know so far.


Both phones feature the same Super AMOLED curved “infinity” displays as the S8 versions. The S9 will have a 5.8-inch screen, and the Plus will get a 6.2-inch one. Design-wise, tech bloggers note the new Galaxies aren’t that much different from their predecessors.


But they do have some new flashy hardware. The S9 will have 4 gigs of RAM and 64 gigs of storage, whereas the S9+ will have a whopping 6 gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of storage. But here are the details a casual phone user really wants to know: They’ve got some big-ass cameras.


Both models will have massive, 12-megapixel primary cameras with a variable aperture that goes from f/2.4 to f/1.5. They’re capable of motion-detected, “super slow-mo” videos in 480fps and 720p resolution, which means slow-mo workout shots are going to get insanely crisp. (You can fix your dating profile photos while you’re at it.) The Plus has a second, fixed-aperture 12 megapixel camera on the primary side for that dual-lens depth of field.

If Snapchat is your thing, both phones will have an 8-megapixel selfie camera.


Oh yeah, they both have stereo speakers. If you’re a respectable gym-goer, that means you’ll have a solid pair of workout headphones, but the stereo speakers will certainly come in handy if you’re just getting a little exercise in at home or just trying to liven up a party. (For inspiration, here’s the Rock’s gym playlist.)


Finally, we’re pretty sure we know when these phones are coming out. In all the photos so far, the phones have displayed Friday, March 16 as their release date, which is when Blass and other industry insiders expect the phones to drop. So if you’ve got an Android on its last legs, make it to March and you’ll be set for another cycle in the mad race for the hottest tech.

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