30 Things To Do In Your 20s To Ensure You Kill It In Your 30s

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Success means a lot of things to a lot of women. Whether your definition is a corner office, seeing the world, or finding long-term love, the truth is that lasting success stems from a stable, peaceful, and contented self.

It’s for this reason that we must create a solid foundation on which to build a life we love if we want to learn how to be successful. And the best way is to follow through with the things you should do in your 20s. Here are 30 tried-and-true ways to do just that:

1. Appreciate the people in your life.


We live in an age where selfies and entitlement run rampant. This has led to a global delusion that friends are fans, and everyone around us has to take whatever we put out with glorious gratitude, and “like” it, to boot.

Every person in your life has made a conscious choice to be there and offers generosity of time, kindness, support, and love. These are gifts and it’s nice to let them know how much you appreciate them as often as you can.

The morbid truth is we don’t know how long any of us will be here. Sharing appreciation won’t just make our time here nicer, but it will lead to much less regret when we’re no longer able to.

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2. Crass may get attention, but class gets respect.

Search the world far and wide, and you’ll learn that there’s nothing that can be replaced for grace. A graceful, well-spoken, and elegant person will always own the room and make more of a lasting impression than an aggressive peacock.

3. Do whatever you want, but do it to the best of your ability.

Sloppy work may be over with faster, but in the end your reputation will suffer and you’ll be known as a slacker who half-asses her way through things. Whether at the office, in a relationship, in the kitchen, or in the gym, pretend that you’re placing your logo on everything you do.

Make that logo more like Chanel than KMart, and you’ll create a reputation for being in control and on your A-game. Then sit back and and watch opportunities knock and doors open.

4. Don’t take sh*t from anyone.

Make no mistake, they’re going to throw it at you. Sometimes it’ll be straight on; other times, it’ll be beautifully wrapped and handed over with sweet promises.

There’s no honor in being someone’s doormat, nor does bending your boundaries and invalidating your values make you “nice.” Stand up for yourself so often that it’s second nature, because it should be.

5. Think about what you’re putting into your body.

Taking a “YOLO” approach to diet, nutrition, and indulging in harmful substances isn’t going to do your sixty-year-old self any favors. What you put in, you get out, and if you’re swallowing down more sugar than vitamins and sucking in cigarette smoke instead of fresh air, your body will deteriorate faster. That’s just science.

6. Re-think your “weaknesses.” 

Self-doubt, mortality, and vulnerability are often seen as frailties to overcome. But in reality, they’re all parts of being a human being. In many ways, the very acceptance embracing of these things will lead you to more confidence, more strength and a much fuller life. You’re not meant to be titanium; you’re flesh, blood, and bone.

7. Use your words wisely.

In a society that loves to use buzzwords, keywords, shocking titles, and flippant phrases, it can be easy to overlook that what we speak cannot be unspoken, and often impacts those around us in ways we cannot possibly understand.

Words can hurt, heal, help, and humiliate, so infuse yours with integrity and thoughtfulness in order to make the impact you hope to. Say, “I love you,” “best friend,” and, “I will” only when you really mean it, and the same goes for, “I want a divorce,” and, “I never want to see you again.” Never say, “never.”

8. Get out of your comfort zone so you can really live.

Staying in the same place, wearing variations of the the same clothes, eating the same foods, and having the same discussions day-after-day keeps you moving throughout your day… on a wheel.

Try to change things up, take a new route, try new foods, meet new people, book a trip, take a class. One choice could change your life and all of us need a change now and then.

9. Laugh as much as you can, about everything.

Have you ever watched two friends burst into laughter? It’s gorgeous. When we laugh, our souls come closest to the surface and our inner light shines a little brighter. Shine as often as you can and ignite a few lights throughout the day.

10. Don’t worry about the haters.

Even Mother Theresa had haters. Translation: Not everyone is going to like you or be happy for your happiness. Don’t worry about them and keep moving.

11. Stop cyber-stalking people who are no longer relevant in your life.

The ex you haven’t heard from can always reach out if they want to. The friend who hurt you needs to apologize, regardless of what she posts. Focus your attention on your real life in real time, and avoid piecing together false conclusions based on filtered photos and phrases.

12. Gain a global perspective.

I once sat across from a 30-year-old woman who told a man from London to “speak English.” She wasn’t kidding. Guess how she looked to everyone around her?

Read up on what’s happening outside of the Kardashian world, try different cuisines (in as many different countries as possible), and for goodness sakes, realize  once and for all  that we’re all people

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