Friday, September 20th, 2019


Jennifer Lopez closes Versace Milan show in that jungle dress

Pop star and actress Jennifer Lopez strutted down the Milan catwalk on Friday, closing the Versace fashion show in a recreation of the plunging jungle-themed gown she wore to the Grammy Awards nearly…

Watch Dr. Pimple Popper Remove a Golf Ball-Size Pilar Cyst in New Video

“The simple bliss of a pilar cyst.”

The Most Valuable Whiskey Collection in the World Will Soon Be Available at Auction

Here’s how much the exceptionally rare bottlings will set you back.

Fire-damaged rooster from Notre-Dame’s spire goes on display

A battered copper rooster that used to sit atop the spire of Notre-Dame Cathedral is to go on public display more than five months after the massive fire that almost burnt the iconic building to the…

This Man Ate the Same Thing for Four Years and Dropped 145 Pounds

“My lunchbox saved my life.”

This Man Put A Safe Inside His Fridge So His Fiancée Can’t Have His Chocolate

Rude or genius?

Blumarine says elegance comes in kindness at Milan show

With a blooming rose catwalk, Italian fashion designer Anna Molinari dedicated her latest collection for label Blumarine to kindness on Friday, a virtue she said seemed “to belong to a time past”.

Hong Kong diners offered protest-inspired ‘eyeball’ mocktails and ‘tear gas’ eggs

Pro-democracy protests that have roiled Hong Kong for more than three months are providing culinary inspiration for a restaurant that offers a themed menu with spicy wasabi-spiked “tear gas” eggs and…

Hanfu movement sweeps China in revival of traditional culture

Li Doudou’s gray kitten squeezes in next to her as she sits painstakingly applying makeup and putting up her hair in a bun adorned with elaborate ornaments.