Monday, September 9th, 2019


Save $200 on This iRobot Roomba Vacuum on Amazon Today

A clean home is just a click away.

Seeing art in Grandee style: Spanish duke’s palace opens to public

One of Madrid’s hidden cultural gems, up to now only accessible to private guests or art aficionados willing to endure a near three-year waiting list, the neoclassical Palace of Liria will open its…

Just Pick Up the Tab, My Dude

Is it still expected? Is it a little sexist? Unpacking the new dynamics of guys picking up the check.

Dave Bautista Is a Playable Character in the New ‘Gears of War’ Game

Fans can play as Bautista, but for a limited time only.

Why Some Powerlifters Are Against ‘Equipped’ Lifting

The ‘raw’ vs. ‘equipped’ debate is real in powerlifting. Here’s what you need to know.

Odell Beckham Jr. Just Rocked a $350,000 Watch During Week One of Football Season

That’s one way to make your debut on a new team.

Everything We Know About Survivor Season 39, Including the 2 Winners That Are Coming Back

• Boston Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine will be on Survivor‘s 39th season as advisors. • The theme of the upcoming season is “Island of the Idols.” • The season will premiere on Wednesday, September 25.

Fitbit’s Newest Smartwatch Is Bigger, Brighter, and Almost Ready to Take On Apple

Fitbit’s Versa 2 is an improvement from its predecessors in every way.

Pierce Brosnan Says It’s Time For a Female James Bond

“Get out of the way, guys, and put a woman up there,” he says.

Barcelona to stage Messi circus

Millions flock to Barcelona to watch Lionel Messi play at the Camp Nou, and visitors to the city will soon be able to see a circus show about the five-times world footballer of the year.

МРТ: страшно ли ее делать, что представляет собой процедура

Довольно часто пациенты задают вопрос относительно того, а страшно ли делать МРТ-обследование? Во время проведения сканирования здоровью человека совершенно ничего не угрожает. Так что можно не переживать. Скрыть содержание Особенности МРТ-сканирования Как пройти МРТ-обследование Как подготовиться к исследованию Особенности МРТ-сканирования Во время проведения томографии многих пациентов пугает шум, издаваемый аппаратом. Этот шум нельзя убрать. Чем больше мощность устройства, тем выше издаваемый ним шум. Поэтому зачастую пациентам предлагают надеть наушники. Также если вдруг вы чувствуете, что у вас ухудшается самочувствие во время сканирования, то вы сможете нажать на тревожную кнопку, которуюRead More

Wider Image: Israel’s settlers and the Palestinians they live among

His people’s link to the land goes back to biblical times, says the comics illustrator. His neighbor, a farmer, says the land belonged to his ancestors and has been stolen. One is an Israeli settler,…