Sunday, August 11th, 2019


The Rock and Ryan Reynolds Sport Matching Tattoos in Behind-the-Scenes Photo

The two movie stars are taking their bromance to the next level.

Fans Fondly Remember Robin Williams on the 5th Anniversary of His Death

The beloved comic actor passed away five years ago.

Mike Posner’s Epic Walk Across the Country Just Got Interrupted by a Rattlesnake Bite

The singer was 1,600 miles into his walk across the United States when he was bitten by a rattlesnake.

Mom Runs 3:11 Marathon With a Triple Stroller While Pushing 185 Pounds

Cynthia Arnold of Montana maintained sub-7:20 pace for 26.2 miles with her six-, four-, and one-year-old in tow.

Universal Just Canceled the Release of Horror Movie ‘The Hunt’ to Avoid Controversy

The studio has canceled all plans to release the politically-charged movie, which sees “elites” hunting “deplorables”.

How a Few Small Diet Changes Helped This Guy Get Ripped

“You just have to trust the process and you’ll create new habits that will become your new normal.”

This One-Arm Kettlebell Flow Will Build Up Your Back

Work your whole back, in minutes, with one kettlebell.

This May Be the Best Ghosting Insight We’ve Ever Heard

Really, it’s not you.