Thursday, July 11th, 2019


Train Like 50 Cent to Get Ripped or Die Tryin’

This workout from the rapper’s longtime trainer will help you to get shredded.

Watch Dr. Pimple Popper Drain a Forehead Steatocystoma in Her New Instagram Video

Gotta love a steatocystoma pop.

Personal Trainers Are Sharing the Things They Wish More People Knew About Fitness

Being in good shape is about more than how you look on Instagram.

Stabilize Your Six-Pack With This Tough Plank Challenge

Your core’s balance will be crushed by this tough resistance band series.

Instagram Users Are Taking Photo at Polluted ‘Russian Maldives’

•People are flocking to a polluted dump site in Russia to take the perfect photo.•Named the Novosibirsk Maldives, the water is bright blue because of waste from a nearby coal plant.•Plant officials warn against getting into the water.

Here’s What ‘Stranger Things’ Star Noah Schnapp Has to Say About Will Byers’ Sexuality

Stranger Things 3 was the queerest season yet, but it still left fans with some questions about Will.

Stranger Things Fans Are Honoring Alexei on Free Slurpee Day

Cherry or Strawberry, though?

Back on the map: Lebanon hopes for best tourist season in years

Ibrahim Zeeb is visiting Lebanon for the first time in years and says it’s the food he has missed most.

Liam Payne Just Got Totally Naked in a Behind the Scenes Photo from His New Hugo Boss Campaign

The thirst is real.

Last Volkswagen Beetle drives into the sunset

Volkswagen rolled the last Beetle off the assembly line on Wednesday, the end of the road for a car that ran from Nazi Germany through hippie counterculture but failed to navigate a swerve in…

Music Theory For Dummies, 4th Edition

  Tune in to how music really works  Whether you’re a student, a performer, or simply a fan, this book makes music theory easy, providing you with a friendly guide to the concepts, artistry, and technical mastery that underlie the production of great music. You’ll quickly become fluent in the fundamentals of knocking out beats, reading scores, and anticipating where a piece should go, giving you a deeper perspective on the works of others — and bringing Read More…

Fortnite For Dummies

  Play—and survive—in the game of Fortnite! Zombies. Battle. Survival. Fortnite has it all—and if you want to keep your gameplay going until the bitter end to outlast your competition, this book is the ace in your back pocket! Read More…