Thursday, June 13th, 2019


Russia uncovers 40,000 year-old wolf head, preserved in ice

About 40,000 years ago, a wolf died in what we know as Siberia. Now its severed head has been found, and because of the freezing conditions, it is so well preserved that its fur, teeth, brain and…

Lost voice of Mexican icon Frida Kahlo surfaces

Few Mexican icons have enjoyed greater recognition than the painter, Frida Kahlo. Only her voice seemed doomed to oblivion.

What’s Fitness Trainer Shaun T’s Toughest Workout Ever? Raising Twin Toddlers.

He calls the grueling (yet rewarding) program “Twinsanity Max.”

How to Do Lateral Raises Without Messing Up Your Shoulders

For one, you’ll probably need to work with less weight than you expect.

‘Men in Black’ Director Shares Gross Story About Will Smith During Filming

You won’t want to remember this.

How the Keto Diet and Running Helped This Guy Lose More Than 130 Pounds

“It feels unreal to have lost so much weight.”

Burger King Is Now Serving a Stranger Things Hamburger

This is pretty much the only time you want to go to the Upside Down.