Thursday, March 28th, 2019


Queen Elizabeth spends an equestrian day in western England

Queen Elizabeth indulged her love of horse racing on Thursday with a visit to England’s west country where she toured the stables of trainer Paul Nicholls.

In pursuit of the lost taste of chocolate

One of the side-effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients is dysgeusia, an impaired sense of taste that can leave a patient’s favorite foods, such as chocolate, with no flavor at all.

These Are All of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette Couples That Are Still Together

They’re still going strong, believe it or not.

Baby yoga? Hypnobirthing? Meghan Markle has myriad of mindful baby choices

From baby yoga to cloth diapers, Meghan Markle faces an array of options that embrace her preference for natural and mindful living as she prepares to welcome her royal baby.

Chris Evans Might ‘Cut Ties’ With Tom Brady if He Still Supports Donald Trump

• Actor Chris Evans is known for his love of the New England Patriots.• In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Evans said he might ‘cut ties’ with Tom Brady if he’s ‘still on that Trump train.’• Evans said he hopes Brady has ‘woken up’ about Trump.

How David Harbour Trained to Get Jacked for Hellboy

The Stranger Things actor put in the work to get his Hellboy muscles. You can, too.

Race-Car Driver Hurley Haywood and Patrick Dempsey Talk About Their New Documentary, Hurley

Haywood came out as gay. Now, he’s saving lives.

Sylvester Stallone Is Directing a Historical Drama About Dirty New York Cops

Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming gritty police drama.

Botticelli painting revealed under century of varnish

British art restorers working on a painting long thought to be a later imitation of a Sandro Botticelli masterpiece have found it in fact came from the Italian renaissance artist’s own workshop.

Daily Expert: "Natural" Food Means Nothing So Please, Everyone, Stop

This nutrition buzzword doesn’t deserve the recognition it receives.

20 Hilarious Survivor That Anyone Watching Season 38 Will Appreciate

Oh my god, these are so accurate.

Barca seek to turn Lesbos camps into fields of dreams for child refugees

It may not be the Nou Camp, but the charity arm of soccer giants Barcelona has been giving child refugees living in temporary shelters on Lesbos a shot at the beautiful game.