Wednesday, March 27th, 2019


Joe and Sierra From Survivor Are Dating—Here’s What You Need To Know

The Survivor alums found love after their season aired in 2015.

Prince Charles mixes mojitos, grinds sugar cane on last day of Cuba trip

His wife may have had some initial reservations about Cuban cuisine, but Prince Charles was so enchanted that he asked for some black bean croquettes to take away with him at a tasting session during…

Qatar’s ‘desert rose’ museum opens at last

Qatar on Thursday will open the doors to one of its most lavish cultural projects yet, a sweeping national museum designed by French architect Jean Nouvel that lays out the tiny Gulf state’s origin…

Jiving eighty-year-old DJ parties in Poland

Donning yellow trousers, shiny platform shoes, red lipstick and headphones, 80-year-old “DJ Wika” stands behind the decks, mixing party music in a huge Warsaw club.

Etruscan tomb in Corsica may yield secrets on civilization’s decline

French archaeologists have unearthed an Etruscan tomb containing a skeleton and dozens of artefacts in Corsica, a rare discovery that could shed new light on the wealthy civilization of northern…

Feast Upon the 10 Leanest Cuts of Beef!

If you’re looking for maximum muscle, these are the meats you want.

Dutch art sleuth says he has recovered stolen Picasso

A prominent Dutch art detective says he has helped recover a painting by Pablo Picasso that was stolen from a private Saudi owner’s yacht in France in 1999.

8 Women Describe What It’s Like to Date Much Older Guys

From what the sex is like, to how their families reacted.

Updating software, shaping history: New imperial era name looms large in Japan

In Japan, every emperor’s era has its own name – appearing in places such as coins, official paperwork and newspapers – and with abdication coming at the end of April, speculation is swirling about…