Wednesday, March 20th, 2019


‘Found it!’ New York button shop saves the day

Since the 1960s, a narrow little New York shop has specialized in solving the fashion crises of customers who are desperate to find just the right button, a list that includes a U.S. first lady, a…

Finland tops world’s happiest countries list again: U.N. report

Finland topped the ranking of the world’s happiest countries for the second year in a row, with the Nordic countries taking the leading spots, an annual survey issued on Wednesday showed.

Labrador retriever fetches top U.S. dog breed honor for record 28th year

The loyal and dependable Labrador Retriever hung on for the 28th year in a row to the title of America’s most popular dog in 2018, the American Kennel Club said on Wednesday.

‘Sistine Chapel of the UK’ re-opens in London after renovation

An elaborate London hall, dubbed by some as the “Sistine Chapel of the UK” because of its baroque interior and ceiling, is re-opening its doors after a two-year conservation project.

ЛОД терапия: показания и особенности

К сожалению, с каждым годом все больше представителей сильного пола приходят на прием к урологу или андрологу, жалуясь на эректильную дисфункцию различного происхождения. Избавиться от проблемы может помочь фаллодекомпресия или, как принято называть эту процедуру, ЛОД терапия. Узнать подробнее об особенностях лечения можно в группе в ВК. Показания к проведению ЛОД терапии Лечение может помочь восстановить потенцию, нарушения которой вызвали следующие причины: травмы позвоночного столба; атеросклероз артерий полового органа; заболевания психического характера; сахарный диабет; проблемы с эрекцией, возникшие на фоне алкогольной или наркотической зависимости; последствия неправильного хирургического вмешательства. Кроме того,Read More

Going ‘Under’: Europe’s first underwater restaurant opens in Norway

Europe’s first underwater restaurant opens in Norway on Wednesday with more than 7,000 customers booked in to eat among the fish.

Baby Diana? Or little Arthur? Bets on for royal baby name

What will Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife Meghan name their child? With the former actress in the last stage of her pregnancy, punters are having a flutter on the baby’s gender, weight, date and…

Dragons, politicians go up in flames in Spain’s fiery festival

Valencia’s Las Fallas festival lit up on the early hours of Wednesday the Mediterranean sky with fireworks and flames from blazing sculptures of all shapes and sizes – beautiful amazons, fairytale…