Friday, February 8th, 2019


Should You Ever Wear Weightlifting Gloves?

Short answer: no. But if you need to, here are the ones you should pick.

How You Can Save A Victim of A Gunshot Wound

Jedidiah Ballard, D.O., spent two years as an Army Rangers Battalion Surgeon and is now an emergency room physician. Here he shares critical tips on how to treat someone who has been shot.

Learning to Fight Made Me Confront the Dark Side of Self-Improvement

“Fighting brings with it the very real peril of unearthing parts of yourself that may be better left undiscovered.”

Mandela’s life and legacy celebrated in London exhibition

For a man who spent nearly three decades in prison, the passage of time was no doubt important to Nelson Mandela.

Westminster ‘Best in Show’ title vaults winners to doggie stardom

Like many Westminster grand champions, CJ became an A-list star when he won the most prestigious event on the U.S. dogshow calendar three years ago, but his owner says the German shorthaired pointer…