Friday, January 25th, 2019


Everything You Should Know About Laser Hair Removal

The popular medical procedure is more advanced than ever.

This Simple Floor Move Gives You a Superhero-Level Core Burn

Bear crawls are more effective than you might think.

6 Upright Core Exercises to Crush Your Abs

Get off the mat to give your abs a whole different type of challenge.

Roman Reigns Is Playing The Rock’s Brother in Hobbs & Shaw

The wrestler is now part of the Fast & Furious family.

5 Sexy, Seductive Things Women Do That Make Men Want Them Bad

Photo: Unsplash If you want to know how to turn a guy on and be sexy for the man you love, here are 5 of the best tips for coming up with new kinky sex ideas and things to try in bed that will make him want you bad, from dirty talk to exploring fetishes and more! Keywords: dirty talk, foreplay, kinky, kinky sex, men, sex advice, sex tips, sexual arousal, sex, what men want, arousal, what men want in bed, how to turn men on, how to turn himRead More

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Morning After

Clear eyes, full heart, brushed teeth, can’t lose.

Vegetarian’s Wurst nightmare? Germany’s sausage hotel

What happens when a German butcher opens a hotel?

This New Twist on the Burpee Will Get You Fitter, Faster

Try these burpees to ramp up your workout’s intensity and torch your abs at the same time.

Roman remains unearthed near famous Lisbon restaurant

Portuguese archaeologists digging near one of Lisbon’s most iconic restaurants, the Solar dos Presuntos (Manor of Hams), have discovered a large Roman cemetery holding 2,000-year-old skeletons and…

Robots serve up food and fun in Budapest cafe

The robots at the Enjoy Budapest Cafe can do it all – they can serve up food and drink, tell jokes, dance with the kids or just hang out for a chat with customers.

Guns and corsets: Firearms industry strikes gold marketing to women

Entrepreneur and fashion designer Anna Taylor is trying to bring back the corset — not to revive Victorian lingerie but to give women a place to carry their handguns.