Thursday, January 10th, 2019


Men & Women With These 7 Personality Traits Make The Very Best Parents

Photo: getty Learning how to be a good parent is no easy feat, but if you want to hone your parenting skills and techniques, take some tips from moms and dads who have these 7 dominant personality traits. Keywords: parenting, parents, personality, raising kids, good parenting, parenting styles, moms, parenting advice, how to be a better parent, parenting tips, good parents, personality traits, raising a child, dads read more

Meet the Ugandan entrepreneur peddling bamboo bikes

At a workshop in Uganda’s capital, Kampala, Noordin Kasoma measured and cut a length of bamboo. Within a few days, the 24 inch piece of grass would be transformed into the frame of a bicycle.

Tintin marks 90th birthday with colonial controversy

Tintin will mark his 90th birthday this year with a return to controversy as his Belgian creator’s heirs release a new edition of “Tintin in the Congo”, a work from 1930 that draws accusations of…

Miss Algeria trolled for skin color after winning title

Winning a beauty pageant should be a moment of joy, but Miss Algeria Khadija Ben Hamou, from the country’s vast desert south, was immediately targeted online for her dark skin color.

Whisky with your wax? South Africa rides ‘metrosexual’ wave

Before male beauty parlors began popping up in South Africa a few years ago, image-conscious men like Gerhard Joubert felt awkward being pampered and preened in salons filled with women.

Meghan takes royal roles at UK charities for women and animals

Meghan Markle, wife of Britain’s Prince Harry, announced on Thursday she would become patron of four organizations to champion causes close to her heart, including the National Theater and charities…