Monday, January 7th, 2019


5 Ways To Make People Instantly Like You In Less Than 2 Minutes

Photo: getty First impressions are everything, so that’s why it’s so important to appear likable if you want to meet new people. But figuring out how to make people like you doesn’t need to be hard. Just be open, smile, and use plenty of eye contact. Keywords: body language, socializing, first impressions, likeable, how to make people like you, likeability read more

Auto Repair For Dummies, 2nd Edition

  Auto Repair For Dummies, 2nd Edition(9781119543619) was previously published as Auto Repair For Dummies, 2nd Edition (9780764599026). While this version features a new Dummies cover and design, the content is the same as the prior release and should not be considered a new or updated product.    The top-selling auto repair guide–400,000 copies sold–now extensively reorganized and updated Forty-eight percent of U.S. households perform at least some Read More…

Lady Gaga goes old-school on color-filled Golden Globes red carpet

Bright colors were back on the Golden Globes red carpet on Sunday, with pop superstar Lady Gaga, dressed in lavender, leading a trend for old school glamor.