January, 2019


15 Sexy Questions To Ask A Woman — And Turn Her All The Way On

Photo: Unsplash: Gabriel Matula If you want to know how to turn a girl on, here’s a list of the best flirty and sexy questions to ask your girlfriend or wife that will get her aroused and super ready for having great sex, complete with dirty talk. Keywords: attraction, dirty talk, foreplay, questions, sex advice, sex life, sex tips, sexting, sexual arousal, sex, arousal, sex questions, turn ons, turn ons for women, how to talk dirty, talking dirty, sexy questions read more

The True Story of a Bike Racer Turned Bank Robber

Tom Justice’s custom steel bike was the perfect getaway machine, until it became the clue that brought him down.

As awards race heats up, molten metal is forged into BAFTA statues

While Bradley Cooper, Glenn Close and Emma Stone may be drafting acceptance speeches for next month’s BAFTA ceremony, in a London suburb metalworkers are equally busy, crafting the trophies the stars…

7 Ways To Get Over Your Chocolate Addiction And Quit Sugar Forever

Photo: getty Anyone who wants to know how to quit sugar may find it difficult initially. But when you have a chocolate addiction and can’t stop with the sugar intake, that’s when things get complicated. Instead of worrying and giving up, there are certain things you can do to stave off cravings and break your bad habit. Keywords: addiction, chocolate, health and wellness, sugar, sweets read more

Mixed-faith marriage as a way of life in Dubai

For Ali Al Sayed and Mina Liccione, religious tolerance is more than just an aspiration. It’s a way of life.

N.Y. fashion week reaches beyond runways toward diversity

Fresh on the heels of Paris’s glittery fashion week, all eyes are trained on New York where designers are gearing up to present their latest looks for fall and winter 2019, starting next week.

Meghan revisits acting past at London theater as ‘Suits’ return ruled out

Meghan, Britain’s Duchess of Sussex, visited London’s National Theatre as the venue’s new royal patron on Wednesday, watching a line-run of a Shakespeare play and meeting aspiring performers.

Dior gowns that made headlines star in London exhibition

From Princess Margaret’s 21st birthday gown to Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence’s red carpet dress, Christian Dior outfits that have made headlines go on show in a London exhibition dedicated to the…

War’s terrifying reality made virtual by Red Cross

The crack of a sniper round strikes terror as you crouch behind a cinder-block wall.

10 Facts About Semen That’ll Convert You To A Swallower

Photo: WeHeartIt Believe it or not, swallowing (otherwise allowing) semen into your body is actually good for you, and here are just 10 of the surprising health benefits of the seminal fluid contained in male ejaculate. Keywords: ejaculation, health, oral sex, orgasm, semen, sex advice, sex tips, sex, blow job, health benefits, fellatio, ejaculate, health benefits of sex, blowjobs, spit or swallow, health benefits of oral sex, swallowing read more

Yemeni pet shop survives despite the odds

In Yemen, where almost four years of war have brought millions to the brink of famine and ravaged the economy, Mourad Jamal struggles to keep his small pet shop in the capital Sanaa afloat.

Prince William, Kate laud Dundee for its team approach to challenges

Britain’s Prince William and his wife Kate visited a gleaming new design museum on Tuesday as well as a factory facing closure, and praised Dundee residents for pulling together in difficult times.