Friday, November 16th, 2018


25 Fitness Quotes to Push You Through Your Toughest Workouts

Think of these words of wisdom from Arnold, LeBron, and more before your next workout.

Oh boy – vintage Mickey Mouse posters to fetch thousands at auction

Seven rare vintage posters of Mickey Mouse are expected to fetch thousands of dollars at an auction that coincides with the 90th anniversary of the cartoon character’s first film appearance.

8 Best Travel Destinations For Couples Who Can’t Agree Where To Go

Photo: getty Ever planned a ten-mile bike ride when your lover was thinking Cartoon Network marathon? Or been dragged to a champagne and black-tie celebration when you felt like Chinese takeout and cuddling? Plenty of couples have conflicting ideas of how to spend their time off, and it can get ugly wrangling over the details in a cramped hotel room. The solution: Figure out ahead of time what you each want from a trip and pick some of the best travel destinations that are right for both of you. TheseRead More

How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles And Bags Under Your Eyes

Photo: getty When you’re tired, you get unsightly dark circles and eye bags. But instead of wallowing, you can learn how to get rid of dark circles and how to get rid of bags under eyes. And it all starts with finding the cause, making a mask, and practicing acupressure. Keywords: beauty, eye makeup, eyes, beauty advice, eye bags read more

The 6 Stages of Growing Your Beard, and How to Groom During Them

From those first signs of stubble to the full mountain man, here’s everything you need to know about growing your beard.

This Superhero Core-Building Exercise Packs a Punch

For a superhero core of steel, add a punch to your workout.

The Male Suicide Rate Is Rising. This Job Has the Highest Risk.

Here’s how to take care of your friends and yourself.

The Best Kissing Tips and Techniques, According to Women

Think you’re a good kisser? Read this before you answer.

Women Aren’t Having Orgasms. Men Don’t Know Why. Let’s Talk About It.

The orgasm gap is real…and here’s how you can fix it.

Eco-Challenge Is Coming Back in 2019—and It Makes an Ironman Look Easy

Bear Grylls is hosting, so you know it’s gonna be tough.

Nigerian millennials fuel domestic tourism

Deola Akeju stood under the gushing waterfalls of Ikogosi in western Nigeria, laughing with her friends and other travelers as they explored the forest’s pools and streams.

Therapy through song: Choir helps Hungarian lung patients breathe more easily

A Hungarian doctor has prescribed her lung disease patients a new form of physical and spiritual therapy – singing in public as part of a choir.