Wednesday, November 14th, 2018


Bourbon Parma jewels fetch record $53.2 million including Marie Antoinette gems

One hundred Bourbon Parma family jewels, including 10 pieces that belonged to French Queen Marie Antoinette, fetched 53.5 million Swiss francs ($53.2 million), setting a world record for a royal…

British queen pays tribute to son Prince Charles as he turns 70

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth paid tribute to her “duchy original” son Prince Charles as he celebrated his 70th birthday on Wednesday at a party at Buckingham Palace.

Get Your Butt Up Off The Couch — Then Use It for This Ab Workout

To train your abs at home, just hit the sofa.

Are Larissa And Colt From 90-Day Fiancé Still Together? Plus New Details On Her Arrest

Photo: instagram Are Larissa and Colt from 90-Day Fiancé still together? Fan’s of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé are no strangers to relationship drama. The couples on the show usually deliver lots of tears and tension to audiences as they work through cultural differences on their way to the altar. But seldom do fans get to see a total social media meltdown in real time like we saw this weekend from Colt and Larissa. The stars of the current season of the show got into a disagreement that started with a lot ofRead More

Your Fish Could Be Contaminated With Plastic

Seafood is super healthful, but now there might be a catch…

Archaeologists discover 15th century indigenous tombs in Bolivia

A team of archaeologists in Bolivia said they have discovered tombs containing over a hundred bundles of artifacts and human remains dating more than 500 years old that belonged to an indigenous…

3 Convincing Fan Theories for How Game of Thrones Will End

Come April, we’ll know the truth.

Blackouts Aren’t Funny or Impressive. They’re an Epidemic.

A new government report says alcohol abuse is more rampant than previously suspected. Here, Sarah Hepola unpacks the blackout epidemic roiling America.

12 Sex Confessions That Are Unbelievably Embarrassing

Sex with a raging sunburn? Not a great idea.

Guys Are Obsessed With This Jacket Featuring a Literal Built-in Heater

This self-warming jacket heats itself quickly for maximum warmth and comfort.

The Real Reason He Hasn’t Proposed Yet — And What You Can Do About It

Photo: getty If you’re in love with your boyfriend and ready to have a talk about marriage, here’s why he may be dragging his feet about the idea of getting married and how to get him to propose (if he’s really “the one”). Keywords: commitment, getting engaged, Marriage, relationship advice, Relationships, the talk, proposal, get him to commit, commitment issues, get him to propose, how to get engaged, how to get a guy to commit, talk about your relationship, get engaged read more

​12 Muscle-Building Moves You Can Do With a Foam Roller

The foam roller isn’t just for massages. Try these moves to actually get stronger with your roll.