Friday, November 9th, 2018


Soccer: Homeless World Cup to honor memory of late co-founder

As more than 500 soccer players gather in Mexico City next week for the 16th Homeless World Cup, the tournament will take place against the backdrop of the death last month of its co-founder Harald…

This Lightweight Down Vest from Triple Fat Goose is our Must-Have Style Pick of the Week

The combination of fit, function and style make this the perfect layering vest for winter.

What The Astrology Of 11/11 Means For Your Love Life And Relationships In The Next Few Months

Photo: getty The numerology of 11, especially on November 11th, is all about the types of relationships our zodiac signs keep. A bit different from astrology, this is a powerful day when we will come to understand and realize we either need to work hard to make things work, or let go and begin a new chapter. Keywords: astrology, zodiac, horoscope, soulmates, zodiac signs, numerology, love horoscope, karmic relationships, 11/11, 11, soul flames read more

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Has Shotgunned His Last Beer

The WWE icon is putting his health first.

Build Full-Body Superhero Power With Ball Slams

Superheroes aren’t quiet in the gym.

7 Wild, Sexy Stories of People Hooking Up at the Office

They did what?!

15 Things Every Mom Needs To Tell Her Daughter

Photo: getty In today’s world, teaching your daughter how to build confidence is one of the toughest jobs a mom can face, but these 15 quotes will improve her sense of self-worth and help her grow into an empowered, strong woman. Keywords: confidence, female, mom, daughter, advice for women, being a confident woman, how to build confidence, strong woman read more

Why a Clit-Sucking Vibrator Is the Sex Toy Your Relationship Needs

Your partner will thank you.

This High-Volume Chest Workout Will Also Carve Your Abs

Superset your way to a bigger, better torso.

What Is "Sexual Napalm," John Mayer? Details About His Apparent Sex Addiction For Jessica Simpson

Photo: Instagram John Mayer uses the term “sexual napalm” when discussing his relationship with Jessica Simpson in a Playboy interview. Oddly enough, though he does kiss and tell regarding his Jessica Simpson era, he keeps it close to the vest about Jennifer Aniston. Talking out-of-school about exes isn’t that cool; talking about sexual addiction, specifically to a person, is worth discussing. Keywords: ex, interview, jennifer aniston, Jessica Simpson, john mayer, kiss and tell, playboy, sexual addiction read more

‘I ignore it’, artist Hockney says on upcoming record-sale hype

When David Hockney’s “Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)” goes under the hammer next week with an estimate of $80 million, the sale could set a record for the most expensive work ever sold…

5 Times Vinny from Jersey Shore Failed at Being Keto

Even the keto guido messes up sometimes.