Wednesday, November 7th, 2018


What to Do if Squats Make Your Knees Hurt

What to do if you love squats, but your knees are giving you too much pain to go on.

How to Do a Perfect Biceps Curl

Watch and learn to totally master this essential arm exercise.

Try This Simple Ab Move For a Toned Core

Ab circles tone up your core without a single crunch.

5 Ways To Nurture Your Most Authentic Self

Photo: getty Understanding how to be your authentic self can help you succeed and be happier in all areas of life, from the workplace to romantic relationships, so here are 5 tips for building confidence by nurturing your true personal character. Keywords: confidence, authenticity, how to be happy, authentic, self care, definitions, being authentic, how to be happy with yourself, how to be yourself, being yourself, authentic life, authentic self read more

Chopped Judge Chris Santos Lost 30 Pounds Using Intermittent Fasting

That’s how it’s done.

Blast Your Triceps With This Resistance Band Arm Day Finisher

Add some stretch to your arm day.

This Grand Way Spring Assisted Knife Is on Sale for 50% Off on Amazon

Save big on the perfect hunting, camping and fishing knife.

11 Gifts for Anyone Who Loves to Sleep

We’re sleepy just thinking about these products.

Reebok Releases Sole Fury Sneaker with Conor McGregor

The UFC champ shows off Reebok’s latest kicks for its global launch.

12 Things Your Soulmate Wants You To Know Before You Meet (If You’re Really Kindred Spirits)

Photo: unsplash The man or women of your dreams is out there, but knowing how to find your soulmate requires being in the right mindset, and remembering these 12 things kindred spirits and life partners should know will help get you there ASAP. Keywords: Dating, dating advice, love, Relationships, soulmate, how to find a soul mate, soul mate, find your soulmate read more

Time is money: `Asprey’ may bring up to $4 million at auction

“The Asprey”, a legendary vintage Patek Philippe watch, will go on the auction block next week in Geneva, where it could fetch $2 million to $4 million, Sotheby’s said on Wednesday.

Who Is Sabrina Dhowre? New Details On Idris Elba’s Girlfriend

Photo: instagram Who Is Sabrina Dhowre? Most of us like to believe that our significant other is the sexiest person alive. But for Sabrina Dhowre, she has proof that her man has that title. The 29-year-old former pageant winner is enaged to Idris Elba, who’s gracing magazine covers as People’s Sexiest Man for 2018. The pair has been together since 2017. They keep a pretty tight lid on the details of their relationship but there’s no doubt that they’re very much in love. What should you know about Sabrina Dhowre?Read More