Thursday, October 4th, 2018


The 4 Types Of Kisses Men Love Most

Photo: weheartit Men are very particular about how to kiss, whether it’s a French kiss or a soft peck on the lips. Here are the types of kisses men like most. Keywords: foreplay, french kiss, intimacy, kiss, Kissing, what men want, what men like, how to kiss, types of kisses, kissing a man, kiss a man read more

Einstein’s ‘God Letter’ may fetch up to $1.5 million at New York auction

A handwritten letter in which Nobel physicist Albert Einstein took issue with the concept of religion and his own Jewish faith is expected to fetch up to $1.5 million at auction in New York.

9 Things Every Guy Should Know About HIV

Here’s an important sex ed refresher.

8 Reasons Your Balls Hurt

Testicular pain might be signaling something serious.

What Does Aftershave Do? Experts Explain

Plus the best aftershaves to suit your needs.

Smart caption glasses refocus the action for deaf playgoers

For all his adult life keen theatergoer Tim Hardy, who is partially deaf, has watched plays with a torch in his hand and a script on his lap so he can follow what’s being said on stage.

This 4-Week Plan Will Rock Your Core — Without a Single Situp

This 4-week workout builds abs — and much, much more.

How to Make One Suit Last for an Entire Week of Travel

Think inside the carry-on.

Sylvester Stallone Shares Behind-the-Scenes ‘Rambo 5’ Photos on Instagram

John Rambo is officially back.

Palmyra priest statue among haul of recovered Syrian relics

A stone image of an ancient priest is one of hundreds of stolen antiquities recovered by the Syrian government and put on display in Damascus this week, a reminder of the mass looting of Syria’s…

17 Sex Toy Horror Stories That Will Make You Cringe Forever

“During doggy style, he had ‘poor aim’ and pushed the butt plug up inside me.”