October, 2018


Irish pagans celebrate Halloween precursor Samhain with fire procession

Irish pagans gathered at an ancient sacred site on Wednesday night to mark the festival of Samhain – a precursor of Halloween – with bonfires and a procession to honor the dead.

‘Mummy’ film poster, expected to fetch record, fails to sell at auction

A rare, original poster from the Boris Karloff horror classic “The Mummy” that was predicted to set a record price for a film poster at auction went unsold on Wednesday when no one bid the $950,000…

10 High-Protein Breakfasts That Aren’t All about Eggs

Protein bagel and lox? Sign me up.

Speed Up Your Fat Burn With This 4-Minute Tabata Crusher

Take this SoulCycle trainer’s tabata series for a spin.

This New York City Fitness Vacation Is Ideal for Active Travelers

Here’s how to find the ultimate hotel for exercise aficionados.

UK’s Boris Johnson to go up in smoke as bonfire night effigy

His political enemies may well like to see him disappear in a puff of smoke and now a small town in England plans to grant them their wish by burning a comic effigy of Boris Johnson as part of their…

This Deceptively Difficult Ab Workout Will Challenge Your Core

All you need is a resistance band to shake up your stale ab circuit.

The 10 Best Supplements for Men

There are thousands of colored pills out there. These are the ones you actually need.

Everything You Need to Know About The Punisher Season 2

The Netflix show is about to get way darker.

Cuban artists urge revision of decree feared to hike censorship

Cuban artists and international rights activists are pushing the government to revise legislation due to take effect in December that they fear will hamper creativity and increase censorship on the…

Artists emerge from ruins of Mosul to reclaim Iraqi city’s cultural life

The first thing musician Fadhel al-Badri did when Mosul was liberated from Islamic State last year was breathe a sigh of relief.

How To Finger A Woman To Make Her Orgasm With Just Your Hands

Foreplay is incredibly important before sex, and that includes fingering. Here’s how to finger a girl the right way to give her incredible orgasms and have her screaming for more. Learn how to touch her clit in a circular motion, penetrate her vagina with your middle finger, and how to find a woman’s g-spot. Keywords: foreplay, orgasm, fingering, how to finger a girl read more