Thursday, September 27th, 2018


The Best Leather Jackets In Every Price Range

All under $1,000.

The Incredible Hulk’s Exact Strength Has Been a Mystery — Until Now

We did the math to see just how strong he really is.

Rust in peace: Soviet-era cars fill Russian mechanic’s field

In the remote village of Chernousovo, retired mechanic Mikhail Krasinets tends to more than 300 ramshackle, Soviet-era cars, remnants of a once vibrant auto industry that crumbled with the fall of…

Wet your whistle: a Croatian wine worth diving for

An experiment by two Croatian bar owners who decided to store their wine beneath the waves of the Adriatic Sea is set to go interactive as they invite guests to dive for their drink.

People Who Lived to 100 Share Their Secrets to a Long, Healthy Life

Eat plenty of cake, says the world’s oldest living man.

What Is ASMR? How YouTube "Whisper Videos" May Be Able to Help Treat Insomnia

Some swear that YouTube “whisper videos” can help treat insomnia and even anxiety.

4 Essential Prep Moves for Your Favorite Workouts

To avoid overuse injuries, try reverse posturing.

Dubai jeweler puts gem-studded $17 million shoes on sale

That’s one way to lose those walking blues: a pair of shoes encrusted with diamonds has gone on sale in Dubai with a price tag of $17 million.

From chatroom to courtroom: China’s #MeToo movement takes legal turn

When a former intern at China’s state broadcaster wrote in July about being groped and forcibly kissed by one of the country’s most recognizable television stars, her story ignited a social media…