Thursday, September 20th, 2018


How You Can Hack Your Sleep with Exercise

Exercise and sleep are closely related — but you might be surprised exactly how they’re intertwined.

Prada plays with classic clothing cliches to create contemporary looks

Italian designer Miuccia Prada played with classic elements to conjure up a clash of “extreme conservatism and a dream of freedom” in her spring-summer 2019 womenswear collection showcased on…

Is There a Cure for Herpes? Nope, and There May Never Be One

Genital herpes is surprisingly common, yet there’s no vaccine or cure. Why?

How Leonard Fournette Stays Fit During Football Season

Leonard Fournette got hurt to start the season — but this rehab routine helped him bounce back.

Here’s What It Takes to Be As Strong as Thor

He’s one powerful dude, even without his hammer.

Fendi presents belts and pockets for practical women’s daily jungle

Pockets and practical belts were the center piece of Fendi’s functional and elegant designs dedicated to women who every day cross metropolitan jungles but want to stay stylish.

Do You Actually Need to Get a Flu Shot Or What?

Last year’s flu season was brutal, partly because flu shots worked only one out of every three times. So we’ve gotta ask: Why are flu shots so lousy? And should you even bother getting one?

Duchess Meghan joined by her mother for launch of London Grenfell cookbook

Meghan Markle, Britain’s Duchess of Sussex, was joined by her mother and husband Prince Harry on Thursday for the launch of a charity recipe book to help a community cooking project set up in the…

What Is Protein Water and Should You Be Drinking It?

Fancy protein-infused water is hitting health food store shelves. Is it worth the money?

The Rock and Under Armour Just Created The Ultimate Gym Bag

Lug your gym gear like The Rock.

Shi’ite Muslims mark Ashura amid tight security

Millions of Shi’ite Muslims performed mourning rituals on Thursday to mark Ashura, the holiest festival in their calendar, amid heightened measures in many places to protect against sectarian attacks.

Scaly, scary lodgers: Frenchman shares home with 400 reptiles

In an unassuming house on France’s River Loire, a cobra lives on the coffee table, a 50 kg (110-pound) tortoise roams the garden and a two-meter (seven-foot) alligator sleeps in the owner’s bed while…