Wednesday, August 15th, 2018


Physical Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction? Yes, It’s a Thing.

If you’re having trouble down there, you might want to consider a targeted workout.

How To Kiss A Woman So She Never Forgets You

Photo: getty Many men simply don’t know how to kiss a girl the right way. But to really make a lasting impression and sweep her off her feet, make sure you are gentle, and avoid sloppy kisses and using too much tongue. Keywords: attraction, Dating, kiss, Relationships, how to kiss, how to kiss a girl read more

What the Hell Are Lambskin Condoms, and Should You Be Using Them?

They’re sheep guts. On your junk. Yyyyyup.

This Foreo Cleansing Brush Got Rid of the Blackheads on My Nose

The Foreo Luna Mini 2 helped my oily skin say goodbye to clogged pores, blackheads, and zits.

A Man Died After Untreated Skin Cancer Caused His Penis to Fall Off

The 82-year-old died after 2 weeks of palliative care.

I Tried the Ayurvedic Diet for a Week, and Here’s What Happened

Modern Western science doesn’t support its benefits. But I say: who cares?

What’s the Best Time of Day to Drink Coffee? The U.S. Army Found the Answer

Their new algorithm could soon tell you exactly when to consume caffeine.

Are You a “Grower” or a “Shower”? The Truth About This Penis Urban Legend

The truth is more complicated than you’d expect.

Five ‘Crazy Rich Asian’ ways to splash your cash in Singapore

Singapore is the setting for new Hollywood movie ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ – an adaptation of a best-selling novel that explores the insatiable consumerism of new money and old-world opulence in a…

What Is John Cena’s Net Worth? From WWE to Hollywood, Here’s How Much He’s Earned.

Never forget that his rap album hit gold status, people.