Thursday, August 2nd, 2018


5 Ways To Be Happy With Yourself Right Now, As Is

Photo: getty When you aren’t satisfied with life, understanding how to be happy with yourself seems like it’s impossible. That’s because your goals are good, but daily joy is better. And you can find it by appreciating your small wins and showing yourself compassion. Keywords: happiness, stress, how to be happy read more

What Can You Drink on the Keto Diet? Here Are 5 Diet-Friendly Beverages

Here’s our quick and dirty guide.

Eiffel Tower to reopen on Friday as strike ends

Staff at the Eiffel Tower agreed to end their strike on Thursday evening, a union official said, meaning the monument will reopen on Friday.

How You Can Use Supersets in Your Workouts

Why you should give supersets a try.

This Morakniv Knife Is On Sale for Less Than $10

It’s perfect for hunting or camping.

10 Reasons Every Man Should Date A Woman Who Thinks She’s A Princess

Photo: getty The best tip for how to be a princess is to believe that you are one. And when you’re dating one of these women, they want to be showered with affection, avoid dirt, and are very high-maintenance. Keywords: Dating, princess, Relationships, high-maintenance read more

7 Style Tricks to Hide Your Man Boobs

Look and feel your best.

Purrfect pet: cat honored for helping sick owner

A white moggy called Theo, who pawed and sat on his owner all night to stop her falling asleep after she developed a blood clot, was crowned British Cat of the Year on Thursday.

For Paris pedestrians, life turns into ‘dodgeball’

Strolling along elegant boulevards is one of the pleasures of visiting Paris. But these days pedestrians and tourists need to keep an eye out for speeding scooters, hoverboards, Segways and bicycles,…

Watch Someone Pull Out a Monstrous Chunk of Ear Wax and Try Not to Hurl

Grab a bucket. You’re going to need it.

Burberry’s Tisci launches new logo ahead of first collection

Burberry’s new designer Riccardo Tisci has unveiled a new logo and monogram for the British luxury brand ahead of his debut collection next month, the first overhaul of the label in almost 20 years.

4 Kinky Sex Tips, According to Real Women and Experts

Kink isn’t about whips and chains. It’s about making small changes to have the hottest sex of your life.