Monday, July 23rd, 2018


How Penis Rings Can Help You Have Better Sex

A beginner’s guide to this popular male sex toy.

Pull Your Own Weight With 14 Pullup and Chinup Variations

Know the difference between pullups and chinups — and the best variations you should try.

​Peeing In the Shower Is Actually Kind Of Good for You, So Stop Worrying About It​

If peeing in the shower is cool, consider us Miles Davis.

The 5 Exercises That Get Richard Sherman Through the NFL Offseason

The outspoken NFL DB shared his offseason routine as he returns from injury for his first season on a new team.

Berlin project ‘upcycles’ refugee boats into bags

When Abid Ali risked his life in a rubber dinghy in 2015 as he fled Pakistan for Europe, he didn’t think that three years later he would be making bags, backpacks and sneakers out of similar boats in…

Can Pineapple Really Change the Taste of Your Semen?

Admit it — you’ve definitely Googled this before.

This Is What Your Brain Looks Like Without Sleep

Photo: Getty Your brain pretty much stops functioning when you’re suffering from insomnia or are sleep-deprived. Keywords: brain, health, sleep, tired, insomnia, insomniac, sleep-deprived, sleep deprivation read more

The Science Behind Why We Get "Hangry" (Hungry And Angry)

Photo: Getty Feeling hangry (the mix of feeling angry and hungry) is related to science, afterall! Keywords: anger, hungry, hangry, hunger, angry, hangriness read more

Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte Gets 14-Month Ban From Anti-Doping Agency

The USADA launched an investigation after Lochte shared a social media photo of an IV infusion.

The Scientific Reason Brown-Eyed Parents Can Have Blue-Eyed Kids

Photo: Getty  Wondering why your parents have brown eyes and you have blue eyes? This video explains how this can be possible. Keywords: Dating, eyes, kids, relatives read more

Stay still! Living statues take over Belgian town

Issac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein strode into a tiny Belgian town at the weekend to stand alongside more unconventional figures at Europe’s biggest “living statue” festival.