Tuesday, July 17th, 2018


Should Men Shave Their Armpit Hair?

Reddit has some pretty strong opinions.

Liver Cancer Deaths Have Increased by 43 Percent. Here’s How to Spot the Early Signs

According to the CDC, liver cancer mortality has increased 43 percent in 16 years.

The Pubic Hair Guide for Men

Everything you did (or didn’t) want to know about the hair down there.

This Workout Torches Fat in Under 10 Minutes

One of our best home workout programs is 50% off — here’s a preview of its intense fat-burning sessions.

The Real Scientific Reason You Can’t Fall Asleep On Sunday Nights

Photo: Getty  Sundays are pretty bittersweet because it’s one more day of usually not having any work, but always the last day of freedom until Saturday rolls around. The weekend is usually meant to relax and catch up on sleep that you lost over the busy workweek, but you might be restless on Sunday night rather than asleep. What gives? Keywords: anxiety, health, sleep, study, work, sunday nights, sleep, sleep in relationships, lack of sleep, insomnia read more