Monday, July 16th, 2018


World’s oldest bread found at prehistoric site in Jordan

Charred remains of a flatbread baked about 14,500 years ago in a stone fireplace at a site in northeastern Jordan have given researchers a delectable surprise: people began making bread, a vital…

Queen Elizabeth owns how many swans? Annual count gets underway

An 800-year-old tradition of counting the swans owned by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth started on Monday, an annual ceremony of “swan upping” that in modern times has become a means of wildlife…

Next stop, Gareth Southgate: London rail station renamed after England boss

London’s transport bosses temporarily renamed an underground station in honor of England soccer team manager Gareth Southgate after the team flew home following their run to the last four of the…

Science Says ‘Baby Fever’ Affects Men, Too

Photo: Getty  We’ve heard of the term “baby fever,” but research has found that this doesn’t just affect women. Keywords: baby, conception, Pregnancy, relationship, women, childbirth, sex read more

5 Amazing/Gross Facts About Your Body That’ll Make You Question Life

Photo: Getty Here are 5 facts that are better left unknown, and some that are fun party conversation. Keywords: body, gross, bodily function, human body, facts, interesting read more