Thursday, July 12th, 2018


World Cup’s spirit of openness rubs off on some Russians

The World Cup has been an eye-opener for Russian waitress Lena Tikhomirova: mingling with visiting fans and experiencing new cultures has whetted her curiosity and now she plans to live abroad.

Study Says This Is The Age Where We Finally Feel Like Adults

Photo: Getty  According to a British study of people living in the UK, the average age at which a person feels like an adult and mature is 29. Keywords: aging, growing up, maturity, teenagers, teens, adults, adulthood, grown-up, responsibilities, being an adult read more

‘Underwater bicycle’ submarines race it out in UK pool

In a large pool in southern England this week, mini submarines have been taking part in an unusual race. Far from being diesel or nuclear vessels, they are powered by scuba divers pedaling furiously.

The Yeti Hopper Is Currently On Sale for 30% Off

The portable cooler has scored rave reviews.