Monday, July 9th, 2018


Kevin Hart Knocked My Ass Out on TKO

Kevin Hart is hilarious — but he’s ruthless with a dodgeball cannon.

Guys Share the Cringeworthy Sex Injuries That Landed Them in the ER

From broken dicks to torn frenulums, this Reddit thread is truly something.

The 7 Best Brands for Affordable Activewear

Joggers, shirts, and shoes shouldn’t break the bank.

The 5 Best Bug Sprays to Ward Off Pests This Summer

Bugs aren’t just annoying — they also spread disease. Protect yourself with these products.

From caviar to veal tongue, fans get true taste of Russia

Many soccer fans knew little or nothing about Russian cuisine before the World Cup, but have tucked into local gastronomy with relish, trying everything from luxurious caviar to staples like veal…

These 4 Exercises Will Banish Your Man Boobs

Sweat your way to a strong chest.

A Farmer Kept a McDonald’s Cheeseburger For 6 Years and It Barely Aged

Even the flies avoided it. Gross.

The Rock Is in No Rush to Marry Girlfriend Lauren Hashian

Take your time, kids.

This Is The Age That Children Are Most Lovable, Says Study

Photo: Getty  What age are children the most lovable? One blogger decided to find out. Keywords: children, kids, parenting, parents, toddler, adorable, lovable, newborns read more

Having These 3 Facial Features Gets You Ahead At Work, Says Study

Photo: Getty  Getting certain plastic surgery procedures actually makes you more successful in the workplace. Keywords: plastic surgery, workplace, cosmetic surgery, jobs, employment read more

My Own Mother Sent Me A Breakup Letter

Photo: Getty  I can tell from the scrawly, once beautiful handwriting on the outside of the envelope that it’s a letter from my mom ending our relationship. Keywords: breakup, mom, mother, motherhood, mother daughter conflict, breakup letter read more

Science Says Your Porn "Addiction" Isn’t Real, So That Excuse Is BS

Photo: Getty  A study found that porn addiction doesn’t have the same effect on people as other addictions do. Keywords: addiction, sex, porn, addicted to porn, porn addict, problem read more