July, 2018


What It’s Like Inside The Psychological Purgatory of Depression

Photo: getty People dealing with depression know that others on the outside may not understand it. But there’s a numbness in the pain that is hard to describe, kind of like a psychological purgatory. Keywords: anxiety, depression, mental health, depressed, depression and anxiety read more

What Is the Mediterranean Diet, and Can It Help You Lose Weight?

You know it’s great for your heart, but your favorite Mediterranean staples do wonders for your brain and penis, too.

Lift switch + heatwave = Eiffel Tower queue frustration

A change in who gets to use the Eiffel Tower’s elevators has stranded frustrated tourists in long queues at the Paris landmark during a heatwave in the French capital.

Does This Trendy Time Under Tension Workout Really Work?

Sebastien Lagree’s time under tension program treats your workout differently — much slower than usual.

These Meal Prep Containers from Rubbermaid Are On Sale Right Now

Rubbermaid has you covered.

Watch John Krasinski Fight With Smart Speakers About His Best Movie

Apparently, Amazon Echo isn’t a Krasinski fan.

Does That Lifting Belt Really Do Anything?

Trainers and physical therapists weigh in.

John Krasinski’s Trainer Explains How He Got That Six-Pack

London-based trainer Simon Waterson explains how the star of The Office got in action hero shape.

How John Krasinski Went From Nerdy Everyman to Bona Fide Action Hero

The former Jim Halpert got married, got ripped, and kicked his career into overdrive.

LeBron James Opened a School in Akron Before He Leaves for the Lakers

It’s a parting gift to his hometown.

How To Totally Master The Art Of Being Happy In 6 Steps (Or Less!)

Photo: getty When you’re feeling down, it seems impossible to learn how to be happy again. But the best way to bring happiness back into your life is to start small, by thinking positive, showing gratitude, and avoiding negative people. Keywords: happiness, how to be happy, happy read more

The 11 Best Halloween Costumes For Every Kind of Guy

Whether you need a couples costume or a quick, easy DIY getup.