Wednesday, June 13th, 2018


7 Tips For How to Play With Her Breasts

Because you’ve come a long way since feeling up your high school girlfriend in her parents’ rec room.

Before She Was a Royal, Meghan Markle Grilled Burgers with Men’s Health

A throwback video from when the Suits actress shot with us in 2013.

Get in World Cup Shape with this Lower Body Workout

Your legs will be pitch-ready after this workout.

6 Ketogenic Diet Side Effects No One Talks About

Keto is super trendy – but the side effects can be a bit gnarly

Frida Kahlo’s once sealed personal belongings go on display in UK

LONDON (Reuters) – Frida Kahlo’s eyebrow pencil, lipstick, clothes and prosthetic leg are among the Mexican artist’s personal belongings going on show in London, the first time her possessions will…

The Original Avengers Are All In Earth’s Mightiest Group Text

They use it to roast Mark Ruffalo, naturally.

John Cena is Replacing Sylvester Stallone in a Jackie Chan Movie

Everything is coming up Cena.

LeBron James Wants to Stay in the NBA Long Enough to Play Against His Son

It could actually be doable.

If A Man Has These 5 Facial Features, Watch Out (He’s Trouble!)

Photo: Getty  Chinese face reading could save you years of heartache. These 5 facial features tell you if a man is good or bad boyfriend or relationship material. Keywords: Dating, men, Relationships, boyfriends, face reading, bad boyfriends read more

How Your Love Life Will Change In 2018, According To Chinese Horoscope Year Of The Rabbit

Photo: getty Though Chinese astrology is much different than traditional astrology, we can still tell a lot about someone based on the Chinese zodiac and their Chinese horoscope. And for those born in the year of the rabbit, they often feel misunderstood, even though they can speak up for themselves. Keywords: astrology, zodiac, horoscope, personality type, zodiac signs, love horoscope, chinese zodiac, chinese horoscope, chinese astrology, year of the rabbit read more

5 Signs Of Unconditional Love That Let You Know It’s Real

Photo: getty What is unconditional love? Well, love itself is more than an emotion. But how do you know he truly feels this way? If he gives without receiving, expresses affection, and is free of judgment, these are all signs he loves you unconditionally. Keywords: Relationships, unconditional love, what is unconditional love read more

Amazon Is Having a Major Father’s Day Sale For Men’s Watches

Amazon Prime is saving the day yet again.