Wednesday, June 6th, 2018


Designer Kate Spade suffered depression for years, husband says

(Reuters) – The husband of fashion designer Kate Spade on Wednesday broke his silence on her death, saying she suffered from depression for years and that the couple had been living separately for 10…

My Best Friend’s Bulimia Destroyed Our Friendship

Photo: getty Sometimes in life, it’s becomes clear when to end a friendship. When your friend becomes consumed by an eating disorder, things can start to fall apart. And for someone suffering from bulimia nervosa, maintaining a friendship just doesn’t come first. Keywords: friendship, mental health, eating disorders, bulimia, bulimia nervosa read more

5 Scientific Ways Having A Beard Makes You Healthier And Hotter

Photo: Getty  Not only are they loved by ladies everywhere, but beards also have many benefits to the men wearing them. Keywords: beard, men, shaving, beards, beard trends read more

Shine: Rediscovering Your Energy, Happiness and Purpose

  Start living the life you’ve always wanted It could be that you’ve figured everything out on your own and have ended up acing your career, meeting and marrying your perfect partner, producing three wonderful kids, owning a holiday home in Mustique and having a drop-dead gorgeous life. In which case, we applaud you. If, on the other hand, you need the cheat codes, then this book will give you a nudge. Read More…

3 Questions To Ask A Guy To Make Him Feel Deeply Attached To You

Photo: Unsplash: Seth Reese Knowing the right questions to ask a guy can take you from dating to falling in love, and these 3 relationship questions to ask your boyfriend are a great way to deepen his attraction and attachment to you. Keywords: attraction, Dating, dating advice, love, men, relationship advice, Relationships, what men think, what men want, how to get a guy to want you, how to get a guy to like you read more

15 Best Kate Spade Quotes About Life, Business, And Making An Entrance

Photo: Instagram The world is mourning the iconic designer after she committed suicide on June 5th but she left behind a wonderful legacy. To honor her legacy, here are the 15 Best Kate Spade quotes about life, business, and making an entrance. Keywords: celebrity death, fashion, suicide, kate spade, kate spade death, kate spade quotes, kate spade suicide read more