June, 2018


As numbers fall, Paris seeks UNESCO help for classic bistros

PARIS (Reuters) – It might seem like there are two on every corner in Paris, but old-style bistros and street cafes are dying out to such an extent that a movement has started to try to protect them.

This Is What You Look Like To A Newborn Baby

Photo: Getty  For the first time, researchers have managed to reconstruct a baby’s visual perception of the world. Keywords: child, children, eyes, kids, vision, Babies, facial expressions read more

The Brattier The Kid, The More Successful They’ll Be (Says Science)

Photo: Getty Disobedient kids make more money as adults, a shocking study found. Keywords: children, kids, success, wealth, brats, problem child, disobedient read more

Rudeness Is Just As Contagious As The Flu, Says Study

Photo: Getty  One study found that just like germs, rudeness is contagious in the workplace. Keywords: behavior, job, work, workplace, bad behavior, rudeness, contagious, germs read more

Study Finds People Cheat Because They Have Increased Levels Of This

Photo: Getty  A study revealed that high hormone levels in the endocrine system influence unethical behavior, especially cheating and lying. Keywords: behavior, cheating, hormones, testosterone, bad behavior, cortisol read more

The 6 Real Reasons People Flirt, According To A Psychologist

Photo: Getty  People enjoy flirting, but their intent may not always be what you think. Keywords: flirting, men, users, women, manipulation, sex, flirt, emotional manipulator, types of flirting, manipulator read more

How to Cut Fat and Gain Muscle at the Same Time

Don’t choose between cutting weight or bulking up. Give culking a try.

8 Ways to Spend Your Money More Wisely

Overall spending is up; smart spending is down

With riot of color, Virgil Abloh marks new era for Vuitton menswear

PARIS (Reuters) – On an outdoor catwalk decked out in a riotous rainbow of colors, Louis Vuitton’s new menswear designer Virgil Abloh unveiled his streetwear-infused take on the brand with his first…

The 4 Types Of Sunscreens You Must Use (Unless You Want Skin Cancer)

Photo: getty During the summer, it’s easy to go out in the sun and get burned. The problem is that you may not be using the best sunscreen for your skin. But the best way to avoid skin cancer is to take a look at this list of the best sunscreens and start using them on your skin immediately! Keywords: cancer, sunscreen, Skin Care, skin, skin cancer, sunblock read more

The 8 Best Fitness Watches To Track Your Workouts​

Master your workouts with major smarts on your wrist.

Outrage after escaped lion shot dead in Belgium

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – A lion escaped its enclosure at a Belgian zoo on Thursday and was shot dead by police after attempts to sedate the animal failed, the zoo said, drawing sharp criticism from…