Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018


The 5 Best Foods to Fight Type 2 Diabetes

Battle this potential killer with ammo from the supermarket.

Healthy Meats to Eat: How to Pick the Best Beef, Pork, and Fish

Here are 22 delicious ways to get your daily protein fix.

Darryl ‘D.M.C.’ McDaniels: Admitting Mental Health Issues Isn’t Soft — It’s Powerful

The Run-D.M.C. rapper opens up about mental illness, addiction, and recovery.

Parents! Quality Time With Kids Trumps Quantity, Says Study

Photo: Getty  If you really think about it Americans like to guilt trip parents a lot. Our society makes parents feel like they should want to spend every waking moment with their kids. We tell them “they won’t be that age for long” to implore them to take every opportunity to be with them. But it according to a new study it’s not about quantity when it comes to time spent with your kids, it’s quality! Keywords: children, family, kids, meal, quality time, reading, study read more

Your Cat Is Making You Crazy, Says Study

Photo: Getty Turns out, your cat changes your personality and mood not by being your favorite cuddle buddy by through its litter box! Keywords: brain, health, insecure, personality, jealous, cat, neurotic, personality traits read more

Dogs Are Basically Humans, Says Study

Photo: Getty  A new study shows that if you feel like you’re not very connected to your pup, or if he’s feeling needy—some eye contact will do the trick! Keywords: affection, dogs, eye contact, love, oxytocin, pets, puppy, tlc read more

Breast Massages May Prevent Cancer, Says Study

Photo: Getty  Research presented at the American Society for Cell Biology suggests that having a breast massage may prevent breast cancer. Keywords: boobs, breast cancer, breasts, cancer, massage, erotic massage, sensual massage, breast, massage tips read more

Hotel Pools Are Cesspools of Diarrhea and Bacteria, Says CDC

The CDC has traced thousands of illnesses back to contaminated public pools, hot tubs, spas and waterparks.

Shawn Booth Says Surviving ‘The Bachelorette’ Was Tougher Than An Ironman

The ‘Bachelorette’ winner talks about the struggles of reality TV, staying fit, and what he’s up to next.

Doctors Break Down Michael Jackson’s Gravity-Defying Dance Moves

More proof MJ was a total legend.

These Two Smart Scales with Bluetooth Are 50% Off on Amazon

They work with Android and IOS.

This Ridiculous Phone Case Is Perfect for ‘That Guy’ at Your Gym

If you’re gonna talk on the phone in the gym, you might as well get a workout.