Monday, May 21st, 2018


11 Horrifying Myths (And Eye-Opening Facts) About Domestic Violence

Photo: getty In order for us to raise domestic violence awareness, there are certain myths that need to be dispelled. From how hard it is to leave an abusive relationship to the statistics of how often it occurs, these domestic violence facts can inform. Keywords: abusive relationships, domestic abuse, domestic violence read more

Gluten-Free Condoms Are Now Available, But Are They Really Necessary?

Organic condom manufacturers claim their condoms are gluten-free. But, um, since when do condoms have gluten to begin with?

Tinder Users Have Way Less Casual Sex Than You’d Think

Turns out, it’s just as easy to get rejected on apps as it is in real life.

Ketogenic Diet Side Effects: How the Trendy Low-Carb Diet Can Give You Acne

A low-carb diet may do wonders for your waistline, but it can take a serious toll on your skin.

Terry Crews’ Secret to Looking Ripped: Intermittent Fasting and Lots of Body Oil

The jacked ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ star doesn’t have his first bite of food until 2 p.m.

This Kettlebell Flow Is a Full-Body Blast

For a better workout, go with the flow.

Clark Gregg: Here’s How I Deal With Anxiety and Panic Attacks

The Marvel actor opens about his scary symptoms and the form of therapy that changed his life.

Charlamagne Tha God on Kanye West, Racism, and How Therapy Saved His Life

The ‘Breakfast Club’ co-host opens up about mental health, his sit-down with Kanye, and why he thinks all black men should go to therapy

The Rock and Conor McGregor Just Bro’d Out on Instagram

While they’re at it, we hope McGregor learns a thing or two from one of the best dudes in Hollywood.

Meghan and Harry release official photos of their UK royal wedding

LONDON (Reuters) – Prince Harry and his wife Meghan on Monday thanked all those involved in their lavish wedding at the weekend as they released official photographs from their big day.

‘I am proud to be a feminist’: Will Meghan shake-up Britain’s royals?

LONDON (Reuters) – A biography of Britain’s latest royal, Meghan Markle, appeared on the monarchy’s official website within hours of her marrying Queen Elizabeth’s grandson Prince Harry on Saturday,…

Something Weird Happened When I Tried To Quit Facebook Cold-Turkey

Photo: Getty  Yes, you can certainly have an addiction for Facebook. But quitting it isn’t as hard as it seems. Keywords: addiction, facebook, social media, addiction recovery, Facebook addict, facebook addiction, social media addict read more