Wednesday, May 16th, 2018


Ryan Reynolds Crashed Stephen Colbert in Full Deadpool Costume and Delivered Some Sick Burns

Ryan Reynolds is popping up everywhere.

People Who Wake Up Early to Work Out Reveal What Gets Them Out of Bed

These 9 tips from Reddit will have you bounding out of bed in no time.

Women With Bigger Butts Are More Fertile (Says Study)

Photo: Getty  There are many things you check before you go out in order to attract a man. Keywords: butt, men, Sexy, study, sex, curves, curvy women read more

Easily Distracted? You’re Basically A Genius, Says Study

Photo: Getty  When you’re working are you not able to have any music playing? Or hear people talking? You might just chalk it up to some heavy ADD, but it you could be wrong. A new study says these could signs that you’re probably really smart. So smart that you should probably start calling yourself a genius! Keywords: smart, study, Genius read more

You Can, In Fact, Die Of A Broken Heart (Says Study)

Photo: Getty  We talk a lot about broken hearts and what they do to us, but how powerful could they truly be? New research shows that they can actually be lethal. Keywords: elderly, grief, loss, study, immune system, infectious diseases, broken heart, loss of a loved one, broken hearted read more