Tuesday, May 8th, 2018


Are Emma Stone And Justin Theroux Dating? New Details On Their Hot Date Night At The Met Gala

Are Emma Stone And Justin Theroux dating? Rumors are flying about Emma Stone and Justin Theroux after they left a Met afterparty together. So are they or aren’t they? All the new details about the Emma Stone Justin Theroux relationship rumors. Keywords: jennifer aniston, celbrity couples, Justin Theroux, Emma Stone, met gala read more

The Belief About Love That Might Set You Up For An Unhealthy, Codependent Relationship

Photo: getty If you’re waiting for ‘the one’ to complete you, take note. This way of thinking is a big warning sign that you may be headed toward a codependent relationship. Here’s why this thinking leads to codependency, plus how to change your mindset. Keywords: finding the one, love, soulmate, what is love, fairy tales, define love read more

Surviving Mother’s Day When You’ve Lost Your Mom

Photo: Getty  Mother’s Day is a time to honor and cherish mothers. Whether your relationship with yours is nurturing or strained, all mothers have one thing in common: they love their children. But, what if your mom is no longer around? Maybe she has passed on or refuses to talk with you as an adult. Either way, you’re feeling sad and lonely without her. Here are a few ways to help you get through the day. 1. Remember the good times you had with her. Find and remember fond memoriesRead More

Mom Knows Best: 10 Ladies Share Their Mothers’ Token Love Advice

Photo: Getty  They’re our biggest cheerleaders and our most constructive critics, who want, more than anything, to see us happy, healthy, and when the time — and person — is right, they want to see us in love. Here, women of all ages share the most unbeatable tips their mamas gave them about love, lust and really, really fine wine. Keywords: love, love advice, mom, mother's day, love quotes read more

Goddesses, angels and a pope rock Catholic-inspired Met Gala

(Reuters) – Katy Perry came as an archangel, Rihanna dressed like the pope, and Kim Kardashian was a golden goddess for New York’s Met Gala on Monday on a night of high fashion inspired by religion.