Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018


Why Tristan Walker’s Bevel Is Giving Men of Color The Right Razors

The Walker & Company CEO is opening up about his experience, the importance of grooming, and the future of Bevel.

I Used a Thighmaster for a Week, and Honestly, I Freaking Loved It

The Thighmaster: ridiculous 90s fad, or underrated fat-burner? I put it to the test to find out.

Kanye West Revealed He Got Liposuction and Developed an Opioid Addiction

The rapper is opening up about his 2016 mental breakdown.

10 Years Ago, ‘Iron Man’ Ushered In an Era Of Jacked Superheroes

The Marvel Universe has given us the ultimate fitness goals.

How to Dominate Your Next Obstacle Course Race

Use these real-world training tips to rule the race course.

Kevin Smith’s Doctor Said Weed Saved His Life During His Heart Attack. Could That Be True?

A cardiologist weighs in on the director’s health claims.

Aaron Traywick, Biohacker Who Injected Himself With Untested Herpes Treatment, Found Dead

Traywick, whose cause of death remains unconfirmed, was 28.

The 2018 Best Foods for Men

You Love Chocolate, But Do You Know The Real Truth About Sugar?

Photo: Unsplash  We love sugar! It makes us happy and is a sweet, delectable treat. But do we really know the truth about sugar? Sugar is in almost every food you consume, so be sure to choose your food wisely. Keywords: food, health, love, obesity, food cravings, blood sugar, glucose, sugar read more

The Startling Way Your Everyday Behavior Predicts Addiction

Photo: Unsplash  People find their true happiness in different ways; some people resort to cravings, like drugs, television, sex, or food. If you’ve had a bad day at work, maybe you sit down and read a book to relax, but what if your go-to relaxation method is going more bad than good? Keywords: addiction, happiness, relaxation, cravings, bingeing, food cravings, addictions read more

Please Stop Food-Policing Poor People (Trust Me, I’ve Been There)

Photo: Unsplash  Food policing is the notion that people are monitoring what I eat, how much I eat and when I eat — something I’ve been acutely aware of since I was a child. Research shows that children growing up in poverty consume more potato chips, candy, fries and soda than their wealthier counterparts. Keywords: eating disorder, food cravings, Judging, poverty, physical hunger, food and children read more

Genetically Modified Organisms: Are They Safe?

Photo: Unsplash  First and foremost become an educated food consumer. Know that YOU are in control of what you eat.  Keywords: eating, food, food companies and their secret ploys, gmo foods read more