Monday, April 30th, 2018


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This ‘Let’s Make A Deal’ Contestant Got Rejected On Live TV, and It’s So, So Painful

Someone get Steve a drink.

Is Anal Sex Riskier Than Vaginal Sex?

Scientists have focused on figuring out what kind of sex is the riskiest for spreading HIV.

After ‘Avengers: Infinity War,’ Ryan Reynolds Tweets Deadpool’s ‘Rejection Letter’ From Tony Stark

Ryan Reynolds tweeted his character’s “rejection letter” from Tony Stark.

The Rock Has Extended Tryouts for His New Fitness Show, ‘The Titan Games’

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6 Ways You Can Get an STD—That Aren’t Sex

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These Men Are Constantly Having Orgasms, and It’s Making Their Lives Hell

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Beneath a baobab, Prince Harry and Meghan’s love blossomed in Botswana

MAPULA LODGE, Botswana (Reuters) – In an exclusive Botswana safari camp where Prince Harry took Meghan Markle on a romantic getaway last year, guests wake to the sound of doves cooing in the trees…