Friday, April 27th, 2018


We’re Facing a Summer "Tick Explosion." Here’s How to Keep Yourself Safe.

Health officials say tick populations will explode this summer, putting you at a greater risk of Lyme Disease. Here’s how to stay safe.

Halle Berry’s #FridayFitness Is the Highlight of the Day

The 51-year-actress looks and trains like she’s half her age — her trainer and her Instagram give some insights to her secrets.

Blue Light Found in Street Lamps and Smartphones Linked to Increased Prostate Cancer Risk

Another reason to close Instagram and go to sleep already, guys.

Angular Cheilitis Is the Gross Mouth Infection You Didn’t Know You’ve Had

It can be caused by this incredibly common habit. And it’s super painful.

Chris Evans Had a Very Good Reason for Skipping the ‘Infinity War’ Premiere​

Here’s what your favorite Hollywood Chrises got up to this week.

4 Tips From a Sports Psychologist to Hack Your Mindset

Get your mind right to unlock your best performance.

Prince Louis: British royals William and Kate name their baby

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s Prince William and his wife Kate have named their newborn son Louis Arthur Charles, a nod to both his grandfather and heir to the throne and one of his most beloved…

Deadpool Crashed Wolverine’s Instagram Video, as Superhero Buds Will Do

Does Ryan Reynolds ever take off his Deadpool suit? Probably not, right?

Under Armour Shoes and Apparel Are On Sale For Up To 70% Off at Macy’s

Here’s how to take advantage of the sale.

Sugar Officially Worse For You Than Fat, Says Science

Photo: Unsplash  Bad news for sugar lovers: eating it may be toxic to your health. Keywords: food, health, science, calories, sugar, sugar intake, healthy diet, eating sugar read more

13 Everyday Foods That Contain More Sugar Than A Donut

Photo: Unsplash  You think your healthy foods are good for you, but they might actually contain more sugar than you think. Keywords: food, healthy, sugar, sugar cravings, healthy foods, sugar intake read more

The Scientific Reason Hangovers Get Worse As You Age

Photo: Unsplash  According to science, hangovers and drinking alcohol get worse as you get older. Here’s why! Keywords: age, alcohol, drinking, anti oxidants, hangover read more