Thursday, April 26th, 2018


You Can Now Get ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Merch For Under $15

Here’s where to buy the Marvel-themed t-shirts.

Jenna Dewan’s Late Night Workouts Involve Twerking, Apparently

The recently-single actress posted a video showing off one of her go-to workouts.

How Much Weight Could the Avengers Actually Lift? We Figured It Out.

Do you think they could actually be this strong?

These Soft Performance Polos Fit Perfectly

Public Rec just released the Go-To Polo and we’re obsessed.

8 Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout Instagrams That Prove He’s Way Too Fit for His Age

The 70-year-old might never stop pumping iron.

Chris Hemsworth Needs to Learn Spanish To Argue With Wife Elsa Pataky

Time to invest in Rosetta Stone, Chris.

CrossFit Gyms Across America Raise Money for Veterans with Charity WOD

More than 50 gyms will offer a special HERO workout on Sunday to raise money for the Travis Manion Foundation.

A Vegan Diet Helped This Man Lose 150 Pounds and Improve His Mental Health

After losing both his parents, Joey Morganelli hit nearly 400 pounds. Then a new diet changed his life.

Couples Who Drink Together, Stay Together (Says Study)

Photo: Unsplash  New study out of SUNY (State University Of New York): drinkers are more likely to be happy in their marriage than drinkers married to non-drinkers. Keywords: alcohol, drinking, drunk read more

What Happens When You Give Up Sugar And Alcohol For A Month

Photo: Unsplash  Not eating sugar or ingesting alcohol has wonderful health benefits, but did you know that even the most healthy-sounding products contain an abnormal amount of sugar. So, what happens when you give up sugar and alcohol? One man decided to drop both of these from his diet, in addition to processed foods, and ended up losing eight pounds, and lowering his cholesterol. You may not be able to indulge your sweet tooth, but your body will thank you. Keywords: alcohol, diet, health, detox, sugar, processed foods read more

5 Ways Highly Attractive Women Over 40 OWN Their Beauty Every Day

Photo: Unsplash  Women over 40 have a love/hate relationship with aging. Here are 5 awesome ways truly attractive women celebrate this empowering shift and OWN it! Keywords: body, health, menopause, power, changes, self empowerment, body acceptance, body confidence read more

Helllllo, Summer! These 10 Edible Shot Glasses Are Pure Drinking Fun

Photo: Pinterest Here are 10 shot glasses you could use to drink and eat, with or without alcohol. Keywords: alcohol, drinking, summer, drinks, shot glasses, shots, shot glass, alcohol recipes, shot glass recipes read more