Wednesday, April 4th, 2018


Philippines approves six-month closure of Boracay tourist island from April

MANILA (Reuters) – Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday approved the closure of the country’s most famous tourist island, Boracay, for six months from April 26, his spokesman said,…

Study: What Your Lipstick Shade Says About Your Personality

Photo: Unsplash  I tend to pick my lipstick shade based on the season, sometimes I will stray from that if my outfit calls for it. In the warmer months like spring and summer I like to go for a hot red. In the colder months like fall and winter I go for a dark plum. But apparently these colors say a lot about my personality according to a new survey! Keywords: beauty, personality, survey, lipstick, colors, personality traits read more

7 Shocking Ways Makeup Affects Your Love Life (Says Science)

Photo: Unsplash  From what gets you noticed online to what may be harming your relationship, here’s how makeup is controlling your relationship. Keywords: beauty, Dating, eye makeup, love, study, makeup, makeup looks read more