Monday, April 2nd, 2018


7 Humble Ways Forgiving Others Makes Your Life Way Better

Photo: getty Until you learn how to forgive those around you, you don’t know how to be happy in your life. But forgiveness is good for your health, strengthens your relationships, and improves success at work. And those are pretty good reasons to let go. Keywords: forgiveness, happiness, how to be happy, how to forgive read more

If You Have One Thing in Your Beauty Arsenal, It Should Be This

One tool, six uses—it’s a multitasker’s dream.

Which is Better for Weight Loss: Fruits or Veggies?

The answer may surprise you.

Do not publish ZAD-2609 Test of Bar Soap or Body Wash? Here’s How to Choose the Best Shower-Time Cleanser

The lowdown on lathering up. 

Dem Debate

The Terrifying Reality Of Going Off Depression Meds To Have A Baby

Photo: Unsplash  Suffering with depression is hard enough, but trying to conceive without medication was something out of a horror movie. Keywords: antidepressants, baby, conceive, depression, Fertility, hormones, Pregnancy, pregnant, fertility issues, depression and pregnancy, SSRIs, fertility and depression read more

Being Popular Makes You More Attractive To Men (Says Science)

Photo: Getty Images  According to an Indiana University study, you’re considerably more appealing to suitors if the suitors think you’re popular. So, if you’ve ever thought you’re more attractive to the opposite sex when your S.O. is around, it isn’t in your imagination. You are. Keywords: attraction, beauty, competition, Dating, flirting, speed dating, attractive read more