Monday, March 12th, 2018


Science Says Your Happy Friends Give The Worst Advice

Photo: Getty Images  Logically, it makes senses that when you are single and struggling, you’d turn to your happily coupled friends for their wisdom. But your equally frustrated single friend might be a better bet. Keywords: sexy women, Self Acceptance, what guys think, attractive qualities, confidence and dating, personality traits read more

Science Says Fat Shaming Backfires — So Can We Finally Stop It?

Photo: Getty Images  A study out of the United Kingdom tells most of us what we already know: Fat shaming isn’t making it any easier to lose weight. The study asked nearly 3,000 adults whether or not they’d been discriminated against — harassed, disrespected, treated as if they weren’t smart, subjected to poor service at restaurants and stores — because of their weight. Keywords: body image, female body image, shame, shame and body image, body image issues read more

Science Says There’s 4 Types Of Drinkers: Which One Are You?

Photo: Getty Images  A new study found that there are four types of people who partake in drinking. Keywords: addiction, alcohol, wo, personality types, alcoholics, drinkers, treatt, drinking types read more

10 Scientific Ways To Massively Boost Your Confidence

Photo: Getty Images  These are pretty simple and important ways to improve your confidence. Try them! Keywords: confidence, happiness, love, self-esteem, self-acceptance, feeling good, how to be happy with yourself read more

Meghan Markle carries out first royal engagement with UK’s Queen Elizabeth

LONDON (Reuters) – Prince Harry’s American fiancée Meghan Markle on Monday took part in her first official royal engagement with Britain’s Queen Elizabeth since the couple announced they were getting…

Givenchy, tower of French fashion and tailor to the stars, dies at 91

PARIS (Reuters) – French fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy, an aristocrat who founded the house of Givenchy in the 1950s, becoming famous for dressing the likes of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and…

Major plot twist for students at Saudi Arabia’s first cinema school

JEDDAH (Reuters) – Student Sama Kinsara adjusts her camera at Saudi Arabia’s only cinema school, her dream of seeing her work on the big screen coming into focus after the lifting of the country’s…

Famed French fashion designer Givenchy dies at 91

PARIS (Reuters) – French fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy, who dominated the industry for more than three decades and whose clothes were worn by movie stars Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, has…

Your Tattoo May Be Poisoning You, Says Study

Photo: Getty Images  Are your tattoos causing issues in your immune system? One study says your health could be at risk. Keywords: health, men, Tattoo, women, immune system, body ink, tattoos read more

Why Sexual Orientation Labels Can Be Bad For Your Health

Photo: Getty Images  While celebs like Anna Paquin and Tom Hardy have embraced their bisexuality, a new study has cast light on the problem with the label itself. In research studies, bisexuals are commonly lumped with homosexuals. But this newest study, from researchers at Indiana University, uniquely targets women who identify themselves as bi, and just how that identification affects their overall health. Keywords: bisexual, bisexuality, bisexuals, gay, health, homosexual, lesbian, sexual orientation, study, sexual identity, sex, labels, GLBT read more

A Whippet named Tease wins best in show at Crufts

LONDON (Reuters) – Tease, a Whippet from Scotland, won the top prize at Britain’s Crufts dog show in Birmingham on Sunday.